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Streamline sales with Sigzen’s Salesforce Automization , your partners in efficient sales management

Welcome to the future of sales management and analysis! Our cutting-edge Salesforce Automization (SFA) tool is poised to revolutionize your sales operations by providing comprehensive solutions for tracking, planning, and analyzing sales activities across diverse industries. Get ready to embrace efficiency, precision and strategic decision-making like never before.

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Lead, Deal, and Contact Management From capturing leads to closing deals and nurturing client relationships, I’ve developed comprehensive solutions that cover the entire customer lifecycle. Our lead management systems ensure no potential opportunity goes unnoticed, deal management facilitates tracking progress and contact management fosters personalized engagement.

Sales Enablement for Peak Performance Sales teams are the driving force behind revenue generation. I’ve fine-tuned strategies that empower sales representatives with the right tools and insights. From providing them with real-time data to offering training resources, I ensure they have everything needed to excel in their roles.


Field Sales Management for On-the-Go Teams In a mobile-driven world, field sales teams require specialized tools. I’ve developed mobile solutions that empower your field representatives with the information and resources they need, even when they’re on the move.

Reorder Management for Seamless Operations Managing reorders efficiently ensures continuous customer satisfaction. I’ve developed systems that automate reorder processes, guaranteeing that your customers receive what they need on time, every time.


Intelligent Sales Tracking Effortlessly monitor your sales pipeline in real-time. Gain holistic insights into every stage of the sales process, from initial leads to closed deals. Visualize your team’s progress, detect bottlenecks and prioritize high value opportunities for maximum revenue generation.

Dynamic Tour Planning Crafting optimized tour plans is a breeze with our intuitive interface. Seamlessly strategize routes, schedules and customer visits to minimize travel time and maximize meaningful client interactions. Elevate the impact of your face-to-face meetings and leave a lasting impression.


Advanced Sales Analytics Unearth hidden trends and patterns within your sales data. Our robust analytics engine transforms raw data into actionable insights. Make data-driven decisions, refine strategies and pave the way for accelerated growth and revenue optimization.

Industry Customization One size does not fit all, especially in business. Our SFA tool can be tailored to suit the specific demands of your industry. Benefit from a solution that speaks directly to your unique challenges, ensuring your sales process is fine-tuned for success.


Real-time Collaboration Enable seamless collaboration within your sales team. Stay updated on your colleagues’ progress, share insights and collaborate on strategic decisions, all within the SFA tool. Foster teamwork and achieve your sales targets collectively.

Predictive Analytics Harness the power of predictive analytics to foresee market trends and customer behavior. Make proactive adjustments to your sales strategies, allowing you to capture emerging opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.


Territory Management Optimize your sales territories for maximum coverage and efficiency. Allocate resources strategically, balance workloads and ensure that your sales force is delivering results across all regions.

Lead Capturing from Social Media Titans – Twitter and Facebook In this era of social media dominance, we understand the significance of capturing leads from platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Our innovative strategies and tools ensure that you leverage these platforms to identify, engage, and convert potential customers effectively.


Empowering Sales Tracking for Performance Enhancement Tracking sales performance is essential for growth. Our comprehensive tools empower you to monitor sales activities, measure outcomes and refine strategies for consistent and sustainable business expansion.

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