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Gain complete control over extensive farm operations using ERP Open Source.

Bring the Change in Agriculture with ERP Software

Are you facing challenges in managing your farming business? Do you want to implement an ERP for your agricultural operations? Luckily, Sigzen, the comprehensive ERPNext software provider for the agriculture industry, can assist you in efficiently managing your field tasks. The process includes tracking the crop cycle, fertilizers, machinery operations, livestock 

management, and medical information location-wise, providing a complete overview of your day-to-day activities.

Our ERP solution allows you to streamline your core business operations and reduce manual labor by leaving the paperwork behind. From planting to harvesting, distribution to warehousing, and gaining insights for decision-making, our farm management software unifies the supply chain seamlessly. If you want to develop a digital solution for farming and agriculture, feel free to consult us.

At Sigzen, we have developed a seamless solution tailored for wholesale distribution businesses. The solution automates various aspects, including financial accounting, inventory management, delivery planning, order fulfillment, customer service, shipping and logistics, human resources, and demand forecasting.

We offer numerous wholesale businesses comprehensive Distribution ERPNext software implementation, development, and support services. We aim to ensure long-term satisfaction, increased visibility into supply chain operations, and improved customer engagement.

How ERPNext Helps in Agricultural Business?

Introduce fresh opportunities to the farming and agriculture industries with our ERPnext development system, effectively addressing end-to-end trends and challenges in their operations.

Benefits of Agro Analysis

Implementing ERP open source in the agro-industry can enhance your farm productivity by utilizing various criteria that facilitate evaluation, adoption, and standardization.

  • Establish multiple farm criteria
  • Assess soil humidity and precipitation
  • Analyze temperature, dew points, and field capacity
  • Record levels of organic matter and other minerals

Manage Your Crops

Efficiently handle your crops and livestock information using our ERP platform and effortlessly manage daily tasks.

  • Generate new crop or livestock data
  • Include the scientific name of your crop
  • Specify tasks to be carried out for your crops
  • Set a timeline for each activity with start and end dates
  • Track and record all by-products.

Agricultural Crop Cycle

Efficiently manage the entire crop production lifecycle, from planting to reaping, using our modern ERP solution.

  • Establish a new project crop cycle
  • Associate crop names and types with each project
  • Link projects to multiple locations for crop cultivation
  • Update the start and end dates of the crop lifecycle.

Location Management

Consolidate multiple crop locations within a single platform and track the layout of your fields on a map.

  • Navigate to sites from Agriculture assets
  • Create and add your crop locations
  • Specify the parent location or main area name (state)
  • Record location details such as latitude, longitude, and area unit
  • Track the location of crop fields on a map

Disease Tracking

Minimize the level of infestation on your crops or livestock by utilizing the ERP crop disease management feature, which considers various factors that influence disease development.

  • Incorporate disease-resistant practices
  • Compile data on potential crop diseases with scientific names
  • Document treatment tasks for each crop disease
  • Include control measures in the description for achieving a healthy yield

Manage Fertilizers

Enhance crop productivity and soil quality through the regular use of fertilizers. List the required fertilizers for each crop in a single platform, eliminating the need for paperwork.

  • Generate a fact sheet series for fertilizers
  • Specify the item and density of each fertilizer
  • Maintain records of the specific fertilizer contents and their values.

Plant Analysis

Monitor crop nutrition through plant analysis at each growth stage and record the data in the ERP system for future forecasting and decision-making.

  • Generate and store the details of plant analysis
  • Associate the location of the analyzed crops
  • Specify the collection, lab testing, and result datetime
  • Maintain a record of plant analysis content with minimum and maximum values.

Water Analysis

Enhance the water quality for crop irrigation by assessing the chemical constituents of water and recording the data for each location in the ERP system.

  • Capture water analysis data for all your crop fields
  • List the locations where water analysis is conducted
  • Specify the water collection, lab testing, and result datetime
  • Define the type of sample, container, collection, and storage temperature
  • Record the results of water analysis, including origin and appearance

Soil Analysis

Assess crop plantation and production quality through soil analysis criteria using an open-source ERP system.

  • Generate numerous soil analyses for each field location
  • Associate your field locations within the module
  • Specify soil collection, lab testing, and result datetime
  • Automatically generate invoice numbers
  • Maintain records of soil analysis criteria, including content, minimum, and maximum values

Soil Texture

Understanding the texture of agricultural soil is crucial in determining its composition and properties, which in turn influences the suitability of the land for different crop productions. Keep track of all the relevant details in the ERP system.

  • Generate new soil texture details and save them
  • Specify the soil type (loam, sandy, clay, silt)
  • Analyze and define the composition values of clay, sand, and silt
  • Indicate the texture criteria, including thickness and organic matter content

Weather Record

Weather forecasts and their impact influence the production of every crop. Gain insights and record the crop weather analysis using an ERP system.

  • Create new weather details and link them to specific locations
  • Include daily weather information and the source of the data
  • Record weather parameters such as degree days, humidity, pressure, dew points, rainfall, and temperature

Sales & Purchase

Manage and oversee the buyer subscription billing lifecycle with ERPNext.

  • Personalize or automatically generate print invoice templates
  • Preview draft copies with supplier names, item details, and total prices
  • Monitor receivable payments through SMS or email requests

Billing & Pricing

In farming and agriculture, the item billing and pricing module for purchases is efficiently managed through our ERP system.

  • Automatically generate invoice templates for selling sales orders
  • Specify customer name, date of purchase, and date of delivery
  • Include pre-defined item details such as item code, image, quantity, discount, weight, and amount
  • Implement loyalty points based on total quantity or price.

Flexi Customization

Customizing agriculture ERP software offers excellent reliability and advantages in efficiently managing a well-organized agro-business environment.

  • Adjust and modify customized forms in the settings
  • Specify the form type, label, print format, and image field
  • Retrieve images for crop types, adjusting the maximum attachment value
  • Monitor changes, views, entries, and search fields without coding

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