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Earn Benefits in the Manufacturing Industry

Efficient data processing and enterprise-ready solutions tailored for factory environments.

Smart ERPNext Software Designed Specifically for Manufacturing Needs

As materials progress through multiple stages to meet market demands in the manufacturing industry, maintaining control over operations and delivery schedules for end products can be challenging and a significant concern. Despite the diverse range of manufacturing sectors such as steel, rubber, chemicals, food, etc., depending on outdated applications and third-party companies while centralizing processes can lead to disastrous outcomes.

With Sigzen, seamlessly deploy a comprehensive ERPNext software tailored specifically for your manufacturing industry, streamlining your business standards, workflows, and interdepartmental communications. Achieve maximum output and production efficiency while ensuring quality by capturing essential data through an intuitive user interface. Our solution covers core modules, including finance, material management, production, quality control (QC), sales and distribution, security gate operation, product dispatch, and logistics.

Usefulness of ERPNext in Manufacturing Business

Empower manufacturing factories or industries with our ERPNext development system, which addresses end-to-end trends and challenges, opening up new growth opportunities.

Control Over Production

Monitor supply chain movement and gain mastery over your production planning and floor activities using our ERPNext modules.

  • Introducing a predictive admin backend dashboard.
  • Gain an overview of customers’ information.
  • Observe sales orders outlook.
  • Access a summary of inventory and purchase details.
  • Generate financial and product analysis reports.

Bill of Material (BOM)

Streamline your production process with our efficient BOM module, automating purchasing, planning, and estimating tasks for optimal results.

  • Effortlessly generate, upload, and print Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Customize item codes, quantity, description, and cost
  • Include specifications of items or products, along with operational workstation details

Shop Floor Management

Enhance job card optimization and effectively monitor schedules in the manufacturing field with the help of our shop floor management ERP widget.

  • Access up-to-date status and pending job tasks in real-time
  • View task allotment details and comments
  • Obtain information about manufacturing products and workstation locations


Is your manufacturing company involved in outsourcing processes? With our ERPNext, you can easily customize teams for new client projects, leading to cost reduction and minimized risk.

  • Delegate projects or goods to third-party suppliers.
  • Streamline the supply of raw materials.
  • Monitor supplier’s labor and operations in real-time.
  • Obtain an overview of raw material costs and other services.

Item Variants

Use our ERP product management module to effectively handle and monitor the intricate production of product variants, such as color, size, design, and weight.

  • Generate and save a new item variant template
  • Automatically create SKUs for each item variant
  • Map item attributes within a parent category

Batched Inventory

Effectively manage batch-wise inventory in manufacturing with ERPNext, and use it to identify product sales and determine the optimal buffer stock levels.

  • Track the availability status of products
  • View information on manufacturing date and expiry date
  • Turn item batches on or off as needed
  • Include scan item barcodes and batch descriptions

Serialized Inventory

Control your manufacturing stock quantity levels by serializing units through our ERPNext module.

  • Automatically generate serial numbers for new stock items.
  • Utilize advanced filtering options in the list screen.
  • Easily view each stock unit’s status (active, pending, delivered).
  • Enter items efficiently with scannable barcodes.

Material Resource Planning

Tailor your manufacturing products’ MRP (Material Requirements Planning) value during the production planning process using our ERPNext manufacturing system.

  • Establish a base price for material requests
  • Utilize a standard cost-determination calculator
  • Efficiently handle inventory and purchasing records
  • Access warehouse and stock quantity details

Capacity Planning

Predict business sales demands by accurately calculating production capacity planning through the ERPNext manufacturing platform.

  • Track pre-defined production orders on the calendar.
  • Efficiently manage planning schedules.
  • View production batch codes, dates, and times.
  • Keep the due date of goods delivery updated.

Multiple Units of Measurement

Our ERPNext module empowers you to efficiently handle sales, purchases, manufacturing, storage, and deliveries for any unit of measure.

  • Include various product-specific Units of Measure (UOMs)
  • Access information on serial numbers, batch numbers, and variants
  • Establish conversion factors for items
  • View sales, purchase, warehouse, and accounting details

Quick Stock Balance

Utilize ERPNext’s rapid stock balance reporting to efficiently manage stock levels by monitoring inventory metrics through effective KPIs (key performance indicators).

  • Estimate warehouse stock levels.
  • Specify warehouse, item code, and item name details.
  • Easily update item barcodes and images.
  • Monitor stock quantity levels and overall stock value.

Stock Replenishment

Enhance stock level optimization in your manufacturing field with the help of our ERPNext system, preventing stockouts and meeting customer demands efficiently.

  • Utilize a customizable dashboard to manage stock data efficiently.
  • Receive alert notifications for low stock quantities.
  • Quickly request item or material reorders.
  • Perform stock valuation and transfer across warehouses.

Flexible Customization

Adopt an efficient cloud-based ERP software tailored for your manufacturing industry, allowing easy customization of data and form templates.

  • Generate new custom print forms through the settings
  • Control form type, title field, and image field
  • Incorporate keywords in the search field
  • Manage hidden fields, track changes, quick entries, and more