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ERPNext for Service Industry

At Sigzen, we have a range of ERPNext solutions to elevate productivity, service quality, and competitiveness for IT and other on-premise service businesses, such as consultants, traders, manufacturers, and lawyers. These solutions identify new opportunities, optimize business processes, facilitate efficient teamwork, and ultimately increase client and customer satisfaction.
Our ERP service platform is a reliable and lasting solution that minimizes unpredictable revenue fluctuations, streamlines resource-intensive operations, and simplifies time-consuming and intricate tasks.

We specialize in tailoring ERP implementation, development, and support services for numerous managed service businesses, ensuring long-term contentment and strong partnerships.

Discover How ERP Benefits in Service Industry

Sigzen offers a contemporary, service-focused ERP solution for professional services, enabling business growth, enhanced profitability, and streamlined operations. Here are the advantages of selecting Sigzen for your service infrastructure.

  • Control over resource and project
  • Flexible Accounting Options
  • Comprehensive project supervision
  • Configurable Planning & Scheduling
  • Complete front-end touchpoints

Best ERPNext Modules for Service Companies

Introduce a fresh array of possibilities to professional service sectors through our ERP development system, expertly addressing end-to-end trends and challenges.

Better Customer Management

Consolidate comprehensive customer or client information securely in your dashboard and monitor it anytime. Enhance customer relationships by implementing effective loyalty programs.

  • Store customer names, contact information, and email details.
  • Assign sales and account managers.
  • Incorporate tax templates and handle tax categories and IDs.
  • Automatically calculate currency conversions for international clients.

Manage Marketing Campaigns

Boost lead generation effectiveness for your service business by implementing email marketing campaigns through the ERPNext platform.

  • Quickly generate email campaign templates.
  • Effortlessly handle individual or grouped customer management.
  • Segment customers for targeted campaigns.
  • Efficiently schedule multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Subscription Plans

Streamline the process of recurring customer payments by implementing ERP subscription plans. Automate the payment collection for enhanced efficiency.

  • Establish a variety of subscription plans.
  • Incorporate taxes and discounts into the subscriptions.
  • Configure trial periods for subscriptions.
  • Replicate subscriptions at different intervals.
  • Automatically generate invoices after the trial period.

Project Management

Efficiently log daily workstation activities, resource usage, and internal and external project details using our ERPNext project management module.

  • Manage daily timesheets effortlessly.
  • Efficiently handle tasks, resources, costs, and personnel.
  • Define, plan, and schedule projects seamlessly.
  • Effectively manage sales contracts and sub-contracts.
  • Generate comprehensive end-to-end project reports.

Service Help Desk Support

Respond promptly to firm or customer inquiries using our ERP help desk feature, resulting in increased project turnovers and improved customer satisfaction rates.

  • Customers can submit issues or inquiries through forms or email IDs
  • Utilize custom help desk form templates
  • Categorize concerns based on leads, projects, infrastructure, and more
  • Efficiently manage searches by prioritizing them as low, medium, or high
  • Customize the status (open/close) of each inquiry ticket

Service Level Agreements

Outline project specifications, service advantages, feature incorporations, and custom cost service development required within a service-level agreement for suppliers, end-users, or customers.

  • Detail the project scope, sales, and material requirements.
  • Record the expected and delivery dates of the project.
  • Include the cost MRP (Maximum Retail Price) in work orders.
  • Monitor material consumption and maintain batch records.
  • Create an informal or legally binding document.

Record Warranty Claims

Streamline the process of warranty recovery claims for services or solutions offered to customers through the ERP system’s automation.

  • Choose the serial number of the item for the warranty claim.
  • Record serial number details for the project or customer solution.
  • Centrally log the unit’s warranty in and out transactions.
  • Keep the warranty claim updated with resolution details.

Service Maintenance Visit

When items are too bulky or challenging to transport for service or maintenance, customers can raise requests that require engineers or plumbers to visit the destination for assistance.

  • Document incoming customer appointment orders.
  • Maintain a record of scheduled and unscheduled items.
  • Assign specific tasks to salespersons or engineers accordingly.
  • Complete the visit and update the work status.

Service Maintenance Schedule

The team organizes service contracts or customer maintenance appointment tickets. The sales team schedules maintenance visits based on availability.

  • Admin or salespersons can generate schedules
  • Salespersons manage the maintenance items
  • Service is planned according to predefined periods.

Multi Currency Accounting

Embrace the power of digital transformation and explore new revenue opportunities worldwide through our ERPNext financial and accounting functionality.

  • Consolidate financial data in a centralized system.
  • Efficiently handle accounts receivable and payable.
  • Manage cash flow and accurately track job/project costs.
  • Streamline budgeting, forecasting, and activity-based pricing.
  • Effectively manage transactions involving different currencies with detailed reports.

Billing & Pricing

Effortlessly handle subscription billing and other cash transaction lifecycles with our ERPNext billing module.

  • Automatically generate sales invoices for clients’ billing.
  • Monitor customer details and sales item information.
  • Initiate payment requests to customers.
  • Send custom SMS or email reminders.
  • Design custom print templates for billing documents.

Quick Customization

Utilize our ERPNext software to create documents or templates without any coding skills effortlessly

  • Design personalized print forms and invoices
  • Craft custom email templates for campaigns
  • Easily make last-minute edits in billing documents
  • Restrict field access based on user roles

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