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ERPNext for Healthcare Industry

Make your clinics and hospital services better with ERPNext

ERP for Healthcare Management

Sigzen offers user-friendly medical ERPNext software to handle patient appointments, billing, and records efficiently. Our solution is perfect for polyclinics and multi-specialty medical centers, providing a paperless approach to capturing essential information. With our ERP platform, you can centralize your corporate operations across multiple branches, enhancing efficiency and accuracy while remaining cost-effective. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and embrace seamless management with our medical ERPNext software.

Revolutionalize the Healthcare Industry with ERPNext

Introduce transformative possibilities to clinics and hospitals with our advanced ERPNext development system, designed to effectively address end-to-end industry trends and challenges. Our system navigates through various pain points, unlocking new opportunities for seamless operations in the healthcare sector.

Patient Repository

Streamline your patient records effortlessly using our comprehensive ERP solution, all within a single platform.

  • Generate a “New” patient profile and save the information.
  • Include the patient’s email and phone number.
  • Revise and update past prescription or medication details for the patient.

Healthcare Practitioners Data

Ensure seamless accessibility to your healthcare facility’s complete nurse and doctor records using our ERP solution.

  • Enter “New” practitioner information and save it
  • Include the practitioner’s email, phone number, and the name of the hospital they belong to
  • Upload the practitioner’s image and specify their department role
  • Access daily appointments and view service unit details

Practitioner Schedule

Efficiently manage and keep track of every practitioner’s appointment details, ensuring smooth and timely scheduling of upcoming patient encounters with our ERP system.

  • Adjust the accessibility status of practitioners as needed
  • Monitor the daily or weekly schedule sheet of practitioners
  • Block new patient appointments during available timings

Patient Appointment

Enhance the clinic experience by efficiently managing patient appointments and prioritizing bookings based on their requests.

  • Quickly view the monthly patient appointment calendar.
  • Assign custom color codes to distinguish each practitioner’s schedule.
  • Accept, reject, or reschedule bookings according to practitioner availability.
  • Automatically send patient consultation notifications via email.

Document Storage

Store patient demographics and reports securely on the ERP platform for convenient monitoring by doctors during patient appointments.

  • Utilize the healthcare patient dashboard, offering report preferences for printing or viewing.
  • Manage patient demographics, including inpatient status, name, contact details, and blood type.
  • Automatically generate patient serial numbers and inpatient batch numbers.
  • Record patient relations, allergies, and medical or surgical history for reference.

Patient History

The ERP module enables practitioners to examine, comprehend, and recommend medication for patients by closely monitoring their medical records and previous health reports.

  • Patient lifecycle documentation
  • Information about appointments and healthcare providers
  • Essential particulars such as previous prescriptions, allergies, etc.

Email Management

Using the ERP email module, the healthcare center can email their patients regarding doctor appointments, medications, follow-ups, and other related matters.

  • A personalized email template designed for patients.
  • It contains specific information about their medication and treatment for the disease.
  • The admin or practitioner can send the email with just one click.

Patient Encounters

Maintaining comprehensive patient records for every visit is essential in a healthcare facility to enhance the quality of patient care. The integration of an ERP system assists practitioners in consolidating and making informed and precise decisions.

  • Generate a fresh patient encounter document following the appointment booking.
  • Include patient-specific information (name, gender, date, and time of encounter).
  • Specify the practitioner’s name and department.
  • List the patient’s medication records (drug code, dosage, duration).

Doctor Prescriptions

Doctor’s medical prescription aids patients in receiving appropriate medical treatment. By utilizing ERPNext’s print form builder, you can set up a digital solution, eliminating the need for paperwork.

  • Automatically generating or customizing a printed medical slip
  • The slip includes inpatient details (name, gender, appointment number, department)
  • The prescribed drug information by the doctor is listed
  • It also contains the practitioner’s name and digital signature

Clinical Procedures

Using the ERPNext clinical procedures map module, staff or nurses can oversee and provide updates to doctors regarding their surgical assignments.

  • Establish and record the clinical procedures for each patient.
  • Include the ability to add and modify the status of procedures (such as draft, in progress, completed, or pending).

Medicines & Equipments

Clinical pharmaceutical or drug stores can keep track of their stock availability in real-time and efficiently manage inventory.

  • Access to comprehensive drug and surgical inventory.
  • Utilize advanced barcode search for medical equipment.
  • View stock levels and relocation information.
  • Click on an item to access detailed drug information.

Automated Stock Replenishment

Utilize your drugstore’s integrated ERP demand forecasting module to optimize stock levels and ensure high on-shelf availability.

  • Keep track of item reorder levels to prevent stockouts
  • Receive alerts when item stock reaches the specified level for stockout setup
  • Automatically generate material requests
  • Implement an auto-replenishment system to minimize out-of-stock situations, lost sales, and markdowns

Billing & Pricing

The ERP system empowers clinic front desk administrators or representatives to manage doctor consultations, medical billing, and pricing, ensuring a smooth and seamless customer experience.

  • Create personalized invoice templates with ease.
  • Automatically generate sales invoices.
  • Send payment requests to patients through SMS or email notifications.
  • The invoice includes the patient name, date, practitioner ID, inpatient consultation charge, and total bill amount.

Easy Customization

Tailor your healthcare ERP software to align with your specific business requirements, leading to increased turnovers and higher levels of patient satisfaction.

  • Create personalized fields in forms through settings
  • Modify options to retrieve data, entries, hide duplicates, and enable image view
  • Restrict data access based on user roles
  • Automatically generate custom print forms without the need for coding