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ERPNext for Non Profit Organization

Efficiently manage your NGOs with the help of ERPNext software.

ERP for Fundraising & Donor Management

Address the distinct challenges within your non-profit organization using Sigzen’s ERP software in a straightforward and cost-effective manner. Streamline accounting, reporting, and administrative management operations through our adaptable system. From donor management to performance visualization and more, consolidate the entire process into a unified platform.

Through our tailored cloud ERP solution, you enhance collaboration across departments, showcase responsible management of contributed funds, expand the scale of your operations, meet multi-year grant reporting requirements, and extend the functionality of your enterprise resource planning software through smooth integration. We encourage you to explore our cloud-based platform and other vital features that cater to your Non-Profit business needs.

ERPNext Modules for Non Profit Organizations

Introduce fresh opportunities to Non-profit organizations or NGOs with our ERPnext development system, which efficiently addresses end-to-end trends and challenges in their operations.

Manage Your Members

In non-profit organizations, every volunteer or member plays a crucial role. Our ERP software allows you to organize and manage all members effortlessly.

  • Easily add multiple members
  • Categorize members into different groups
  • Establish membership settings for members
  • Track the activity of active community members.


Effortlessly add, monitor, and record memberships for all members in your NGO using our software.

  • Generate a new membership
  • Specify the membership type, status, and validity
  • Update payment information for each membership
  • Easily reuse or modify membership plans whenever needed.

Membership Types

Utilize the ERP system to configure various types of membership based on your organization’s programs.

  • Include an unlimited number of membership types
  • Enable the ‘Status’ of membership types for usage
  • Classify members according to their respective membership types.


Similarly to member management, volunteers play a crucial role in non-profit organizations—record volunteer details in your ERPnext platform.

  • Easily add new volunteers and maintain a centralized list
  • Record comprehensive volunteer details, including addresses
  • Track the availability and timeslots of each volunteer
  • Categorize volunteers based on their skills.

Donor Management

Create comprehensive donor profiles and monitor all donations with our ERP donor management software.

  • Efficiently handle donations received from different payment methods
  • Enable donors to contribute directly through the login portal
  • Provide instant acknowledgment messages (SMS, email)
  • Record and import donation details into the tally.

Grant Application

Manage your charity or NGO operations with grants from the government or propose grants to other organizations using our ERP cloud solution.

  • Grant application templates or form
  • Update applicant name, type, email, reason
  • Add the requested amount in the form
  • Track and record all information

Multi Currency Accounting

Utilize ERP’s multi-currency transactions feature to accept donations from foreign countries.

  • Create customized or automatically generated invoices for donations
  • Implement scheme-based monthly or yearly recurring payment options
  • Efficiently manage transactions and exchange rate factors
  • Record the complete cash flow and transactions

Billing & Pricing

Efficiently handle the billing and pricing process of your non-profit organization with the help of our ERP software.

  • Personalize or automatically generate billing invoice templates
  • Modify supplier or donor names on printed invoices
  • Keep a record of procurement invoices for items or requests.