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Efficiently oversee the entire distributor network with a comprehensive end-to-end ERP solution.

Overcome Distribution Challenges with ERPNext

In the face of growing market competition, distributors encounter significant challenges that disrupt supply chain processes and result in dissatisfied customer service. Our top-notch ERPNext software solution helps to enhance operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating evolving customer demands with technological advancements.

At Sigzen, we have developed a seamless solution tailored for wholesale distribution businesses. The solution automates various aspects, including financial accounting, inventory management, delivery planning, order fulfillment, customer service, shipping and logistics, human resources, and demand forecasting.

We offer numerous wholesale businesses comprehensive Distribution ERPNext software implementation, development, and support services. We aim to ensure long-term satisfaction, increased visibility into supply chain operations, and improved customer engagement.

Major Challenges in Distribution Industry

Understand the various challenges that small and mid-sized distribution companies encounter, including:

  • Recording and tracking information effectively.
  • Dealing with inaccurate inventory management.
  • Difficulty to meet customer demands.
  • Reliance on manual accounting and sales processes.
  • Difficulty in estimating delivery date windows for purchasers.

How ERPNext Helps in the Distribution Industry?

Rise above business challenges and expand your distribution enterprise with our advanced ERPNext software solution. Here are the advantages of selecting Sigzen to streamline your infrastructure processes.

  • Efficient and streamlined supply chain processes
  • Improved inventory management with optimization
  • Simplified and streamlined sales processes
  • Centralized and organized information and data
  • Enhanced quantity and quality control
  • Reduced operational costs and overheads

Infuse ERPNext Module in Distribution Business

Open up new opportunities for wholesale and distribution industries with our ERPNext development system, which effectively addresses end-to-end trends and challenges.

Manage Stocks Well

In the face of increasing demand fluctuations, outdated supply chain methods need more accuracy. Our integrated ERPNext inventory solution addresses these issues and offers the following benefits:

  • Facilitate direct collaboration with vendors and suppliers.
  • Provide real-time product availability information.
  • Efficiently manage stock levels, stock transfers, and expiry dates.
  • Handle scheduled replenishment and maintain batch records.

Automate Stock Replenishment

Need help managing large stock quantities? Are you Dealing with stockouts? Our ERP solution automates inventory management to address these challenges.
Optimize stock levels for on-shelf availability.

  • Automate routine stock replenishment.
  • Efficiently handle pre-season ordering and allocation tasks.
  • Accurately project store orders to improve proactive capacity planning.

Multi Warehouse Management

Effectively manage and organize inventories across multiple warehouse stores with Sigzen’s ERPNext software solution.

  • Monitor inventory in real-time.
  • Analyze expenses and track stock movements.
  • Prevent overstocks or stockouts with alerts.
  • Utilize advanced forecasting for real-time shipping rates.

Distribution Item Variants

Efficiently organize numerous product versions or variants with the help of the ERP inventory management module.

  • Distinguish products based on various variants such as color, weight, form, and width.
  • Easily add multiple item attributes and their respective values.
  • Utilize item variant templates for the primary products to streamline the process.

Promotional Schemes

When selecting a marketing promotion campaign to enhance a brand’s or product’s visibility, retailers or distributors often present enticing offers to boost demand.

  • Implement product discounts by combining various discount conditions
  • Ensure accurate pricing rules and expiration dates
  • Giveaways to cultivate a more substantial and loyal customer following

Multi Channel Setting

Effortlessly merge your products and customers with third-party online selling applications using our ERPNext, streamlining your business processes.

  • Attract and interact with customers on various marketplaces.
  • Consolidate your product catalog into a centralized system.
  • Automate SKU generation and synchronize inventory effortlessly.

Multi- Currency Accounting

Effectively handle multi-currency accounting in your expanding distribution business with the help of our ERP solution.

  • Generate invoices or expenses in foreign currencies.
  • Convert currency values into your local currency.
  • Track accounting entries and generate reports for currency transactions.

Billing & Pricing

In today’s world, managing bookkeeping and manual accounting processes has become increasingly complex. Our ERPNext financial module provides a solution by centralizing data and reducing the likelihood of errors.

  • Enhance warehouse productivity.
  • Monitor financial cash flow and transactions.
  • Generate sales or order invoices with GST (Goods and Services Tax).
  • Monitor comprehensive accounting data.

Credits & Receivables

Gain insight into the overall credit position of customers and improve customer service with our comprehensive ERP credit management module.

  • Manage multiple contact details efficiently
  • Enforce credit limits and analyze outstanding receivables
  • Generate reports on total billing and average customer income

Visual Dashboard & Reporting

Utilize our ERPNext data analytic module to generate precise reports on inbound and outbound distribution processes, providing valuable insights into your operations.

  • Utilize a flexible and customizable metrics dashboard
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Compare historical data with ongoing market trends
  • Access comprehensive reports to facilitate better decision-making

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