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Stock/Inventory Management with ERPNext Streamlining Your Supply Chain Efficient stock and inventory management are essential components of a successful business. ERPNext’s Stock/Inventory Modules empower your organization to take control of your supply chain, optimize stock levels, and ensure seamless operations. Explore the robust features that ERPNext offers to enhance your stock management process.

Sigzen Technologies Real-time Stock Tracking solution offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance your inventory management

Real Time Stock Tracking

Efficient stock management hinges on real-time visibility. This feature empowers you to monitor your inventory levels as they change, offering instant insights into available stock, quantities reserved for orders, and pending backorders. With this data at your fingertips, you can make well-informed decisions to avoid stockouts or overstock situations. Sigzen Technologies, a leading ERPNext service provider, offers an advanced solution for Real-Time Stock Tracking. With our system in place, you can monitor your inventory at every moment, ensuring that you’re never caught off guard by shortages or surpluses.

Stock Valuation Methods

Choose from different methods to calculate the value of your inventory, such as FIFO,LIFO, or Moving Average. Accurate valuation informs your financial decisions and enables you to understand the worth of your stock at any given time. The weighted average cost method calculates the average cost of all inventory items available for sale during a specific period. It is determined by dividing the total cost of inventory by the total number of units. These methods, including FIFO and LIFO, allow you to determine the value of your inventory with precision, helping you manage your finances more effectively.

Inventory Stock

Multi location Management

For businesses with multiple warehouses or locations, this feature is invaluable. It allows you to manage your inventory across various sites seamlessly. You can allocate stock strategically, optimizing shipping costs and improving delivery times by sourcing items from the nearest location. Sigzen Technologies simplifies this process with Multi-Location Management capabilities within ERPNext. Easily transfer stock between locations, monitor each site’s inventory independently, and streamline your operations like never before.

Batch and Serial Number Tracking

This feature ensures end-to-end traceability of your products. Whether you’re dealing with perishable goods or serialized products, you can track items using unique batch or serial numbers. This capability streamlines recall processes, assists in quality control, and provides customers with accurate product information. This feature enables you to trace products back to their origins, ensuring quality control and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Inventory Stock
Inventory Stock

Reorder Point and Stock Alerts

Setting reorder points helps automate your restocking process. Sigzen Technologies can generate purchase or manufacturing orders automatically. Stock alerts ensure you’re always aware of critical inventory levels, preventing unexpected shortages. You specify a reorder point for each product or item in your inventory. When the stock level of an item falls to or below the reorder point, it triggers the need for a reorder or replenishment. Allows you to set Reorder Points and receive Stock Alerts when inventory levels reach critical thresholds. This proactive approach ensures you always have the right amount of stock on hand.

Stock Transfer and Adjustments

Effortlessly transfer stock between locations to meet demand or optimize distribution. Additionally, if you encounter damaged or misplaced items, you can make adjustments within the system to maintain accurate records. Effortlessly manage stock transfers and adjustments within your organization using our ERPNext solution. Whether you need to move inventory between locations or make corrections, our system streamlines the process for greater efficiency.


Multi unit of Measurement

Not all items are measured in the same units. Sigzen Technologies accommodates items with different units of measurement, allowing you to seamlessly convert quantities to ensure accurate tracking and reporting. Each item in ERPNext is associated with a base unit of measurement. This is typically the default unit of measurement used for inventory and stock management. This flexibility simplifies inventory management, especially when dealing with diverse product offerings.

Stock Aging Analysis

Inventory aging analysis assists in identifying slow-moving or obsolete items. By understanding the age of your inventory, you can make informed decisions about discounting, promotions, or liquidation to optimize stock turnover. Gain valuable insights into your inventory’s aging process with stock aging analysis. Our ERPNext software helps you identify slow-moving items, reducing the carrying costs associated with aged stock and optimizing your inventory turnover.

Inventory Stock

Item Bundling

Simplify the sale of bundled items with this feature. Create kits or bundles composed of multiple items that are often sold together. The system deducts the component quantities from stock upon sale, streamlining transactions. Whether you sell bundled products or offer promotions, this feature simplifies order processing and ensures accurate inventory management. When customers place orders for bundled items, ERPNext software automatically calculates the correct inventory adjustments, ensuring that your stock levels remain accurate. 

Barcode and QR Code Integration

Integration with barcode or QR code systems accelerates stock management processes. Scanning items during receipt, transfer, or sale improves accuracy and minimizes manual data entry errors. Streamline inventory tracking and reduce errors with barcode and QR code integration. Easily scan and update item information, making the entire inventory management process faster and more accurate.


Stock Reports and Analytics

Generate comprehensive reports that provide insights into stock levels, movements, and valuations. Analyze historical data to identify trends, predict demand, and optimize inventory levels for cost savings. Visualize trends, analyze stock turnover rates, and identify opportunities for cost saving and revenue generation. Make data driven decisions with comprehensive stock reports and analytics provided by our ERPNext solution.

Supplier Performance Tracking

Evaluate supplier performance based on factors such as order fulfillment, lead times, and product quality. This insight empowers you to make informed decisions about your supplier relationships, ensuring consistent and reliable supply. Evaluate supplier performance with our ERPNext system. Monitor delivery times, product quality, and pricing to ensure you are working with the most reliable and cost-effective suppliers in your supply chain.


Audit Trail and Security

Maintain a transparent stock management process by recording all changes and actions. This audit trail not only enhances security but also aids in compliance with regulations and internal policies. An audit trail ensures that inventory data remains accurate and trustworthy. It holds users and processes accountable for any changes made to the inventory, reducing the chances of errors or fraudulent activities. Protecting inventory data is crucial for safeguarding business operations.