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API Testing

Why API Testing?

API testing is a form of software testing that checks the performance, functionality, security, and reliability of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). QA teams can improve their testing processes with the help of API testing tools, which automate test case execution. The benefits of API testing ensure that APIs are functioning as intended.

One significant benefit of API testing is the ability to test the application without needing a user interface or interaction. It helps QA testers to run API tests without using the software application, providing early detection of defects and errors for developers to address.

  • No dependency on programming language

  • Saves time

  • Ensures bugs are identified early on

  • Time effective

  • Language independent

  • Easy integration with GUI

API Testing Service Stack

Automated API Testing

Manual API Testing

API Performance Testing

API Strategy and Implementation

How Can Sigzen Help You Here!

At Sigzen, we help you shape your ideas into high-functioning, revenue-generating testing solutions. We understand that every business is built on a unique set of needs, a distinguished set of target audiences, and service patterns. That is why, we offer tailored, unique solutions that are reflective and receptive to your most unique business needs.

Our testing services are all-encompassing, and we dedicate ourselves to providing you with unmatched service that symbolizes your brand, helps your brand connect with your target audience, and makes you stand out amongst your competitors in a truly meaningful manner. At our core, we create the mobile applications that our clients want whether it is custom apps, game apps, e-commerce apps, multimedia apps, enterprise apps, or online booking apps.

Sigzen uses standard and time-tested procedures to bring our clients the finesse of our expert mobile app developers and testing team. From design and development to testing and approval and launch and after-sales support, we are with you at every step of your big project.

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